Needle in the Hay

Needle in the Hay was the go-to location for weekly writing challenges, from the hard work of Martin DiBiasi.

Every week, the writers from around the world would receive their assignments and word counts. I was privileged to judge many rounds, the weeks I wasn't writing.

Needle in the Hay (Needle in the Hay) was fast-paced and FUN.

I hardly won any of the challenges I entered, which only drove me harder. I read the winners' stories, studied how they used the language and how they incorporated senses and emotions into the what happened and who said what. I did win the first Needle Major Comp, with my story "Big C".

A Change of Heart
WOLVES : A Needle In The Hay Collaboration
Needle in the Hay
A Change of Heart
ISBN : 9781370733491
A woman born with heart disease takes it upon herself to source a new one.

Needle alumni include : Celeste Ng, Tobias Madden, Martin, Jeanette Stampone, and the incredibly talented horror writer Sophie MacDonald, some of whom feature in this book.

Wolves was one of the multipart challenges Martin gave us, and there were some incredible ideas out of this lot, so Tobias published them. Told in the form of diary entries, my story jumps around its four parts, filling in the gaps for my protagonist, a young woman in dire need of a heart transplant.

Buy it or read an excerpt first.

Another of our multipart stories, To The Nines, has been reimagined as a novella. More news coming soon... read about some Wolves in the meantime. Go on, they won't bite.