There are a lot of writing competitions on the web; a lot of chances to have your work read and published.

Ian has had success through the years as a fiction writer. He's a regular in the NYC Midnight story competitions. Though the entry-price is steep, Ian has been able to take stories and ideas developed for this competition, workshop them and have them win other copmetitions.

Jennifer Burbidge Story Comp, 2021
Affa Short Story Comp, 2020
Needle in the Hay Short Story Comp, 2015
Write Around the Murray Short Story Comp, 2016
Winner : No Returning
Winner : Four Feet
Winner : Big C (900 word version)
Third Place : Big C (2500 word version)
No Returning
Affa Award for Four Feet
Big C
Big C
Falling out of a treehouse broke more than just Tween Taylor's spine.
In the Australian gold-rush of the 1850's, some unscrupulous prospectors found it easier to find gold above ground.
A young man reminisces about his father.
A young man reminisces about his father.

Sixth Paperback in Your Hand Comp
First Paperback in Your Hand Comp
Eastwood / Hills FAW Short Story Comp
Best of Times Short Story Comps
Winner : Don't You Know Who I Am?
Honorable Mention : Quiet in the Back Seat (A New Kind of Normal)
Commended : Sherlock with Ants
Honorable Mentions : I Mention / Can I Trouble You for a Light?
A novel. Neil Bidstrup must navigate a televised fortnight by his wits, unaware that the ruthless producer is sabotaging his every move.
An unexpected ghost arrives in the back of the old van.
A murder mystery. Can you figure it out?
When a man gets TOO into his video games... / A hapless group of housemates set out to win a trivia contest, at any cost.

This page will be updated as Ian chalks up more wins in various competitions. Thanks for your support!