G'day, I'm Ian, an award-winning writer.

Jennifer Burbidge Award
Affa Short Story Award
Needle in the Hay Short Story Award
Write Around the Murray
Winner : 2021
Winner : 2020
Winner : 2015
Third Place : 2016
"No Returning"
"Four Feet"
"Big C" (900 word version)
"Big C" (2500 word version)
No Returning
Four Feet
Big C
Big C

Ian won the 2021 Jennifer Burbidge award, the 2020 "Affa" short story award and the "Needle in the Hay" major competition of 2015. He placed third in the 2016 "Write Around the Murray".

He has been shortlisted in The Alan Marshall short story award, received two Honorable Mentions in Chris Broadribb's popular "Best of Times" competitions over 15+ years, among others. He usually scores points in NYC Midnight's various writing challenges.

Several of Ian's stories were published in Eclectic E-zine and Celapene Press' "Short and Twisted" anthologies going back to 2009, and also the TL;DR "Stories for Hope" anthology, released in 2020. "Time and Again" featured in the "Stories of Hope: Bushfire Relief" anthology, released in 2021. He is part of the online writing group "Scribes Divided"; editing and contributing to their second anthology, which ranked at number one in several Amazon categories upon its 2019 release.

Ian has written screenplays for Tropfest, with one being considered by Logie Winner Lex Marinos when Ian pitched it to him in person.

His unpublished 78,000 word manuscript "Don't You Know Who I Am?" won the 6th edition of the "Paperback in Your Hand" competition.

His day job in IT involves the creation of business reports, solution design and other technical documents, distributed to all levels within very large organisations.

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