The Australian / Vogel Literary award offers prizes to the best unpublished novels in Australia, written by authors under the age of 35.

I have been writing a long time, long enough to have entered all three works fitting the word limit that I'd written at the time. These were :

No Man's Land

(based on a true story)
In February 1989, the Berlin Wall has been standing for 27 years, with every indication it will stand forever. Democracy is rumbling in Eastern Europe and two young men decide to defect to the West, one bringing his girlfriend. A president has been visiting East Berlin, and the guards wouldn't risk political incidents by shooting would-be defectors, would they?

Don't You Know Who I Am?

(Winner of the 6th Paperback in Your Hand Award by Affordable Manuscript Assessments)
Comedy / Drama
Neil Bidstrup is a successful actor / model, successful meaning he only needs to work part-time at a cafe in order to pay his rent. Offered the lead in a new reality TV concept where he must live by his wits for two weeks with no money and a camera crew, it's going to be a fortnight-long party!
Not if the influential producer has anything to do with it.

Absolute Knowledge

An executed murderer is brought back from the dead and fitted with a microchip in his brain. With permanent access to the Internet and his entire long-term memory, he uses his new-found knowledge to evade re-capture but also to investigate the original murder where the actual perpertrator is always one step ahead.

Suffice it to say, being significantly older and wiser, only "Don't You Know Who I Am?" is currently suitable for publication, having had a critique from the now-defunct Jojo Publishing (7.5/10); a complete structural edit; and a line edit.

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