Acclaim for Ian's Writing


"There is some very good writing here... An effective story - well done." Fish Publishing

For Our New Ambulance

[Note : This series is now known as "Quiet in the Back Seat"]
"Our New Ambulance has a wonderful premise, and the murder mystery is well worked out. The family relationships are well sketched, showing some quite realistic tensions in a "normal" and loving family."
"This story has a wonderful premise. The ending works very nicely, and Tom’s "voice" is authentic for his given age."
Sally Odgers, Affordable Manuscript Assessments.

For A New Kind of Normal

[Book #2 in the "Quiet in the Back Seat" series]
"The story through Tom’s words is genuinely moving... I cried."
"A strong story with plenty of character development. It left me wondering what can happen in the third volume!"
Sally Odgers, Affordable Manuscript Assessments.
Note : This series is now known as "Quiet in the Back Seat".

From the "100 Words or Less" critiques by Idore Anschell

, may she rest in peace.
"I like the energy in this piece" ("Three Thousand Sheets to the Wind");
"I am tempted, because of the fine bounce to your story, to throw away my contest-honored guidelines." ("You Two")
"Your work is rich."

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