Help me if you can!

Hopefully the words on this site have convinced you that I can craft a convincing argument. If not, I have this page to seal the deal.

No-one likes public speaking. I've done it, with speeches, debates, stand-up comedy. It's fun; it's nerve-wracking. It's nigh on impossible to 'wing' if you're unused to it or unprepared.

My father-in-law disproves this though; on my wedding day, he'd just left the room for the speeches when he was called on. In the weeks leading up to the wedding, he disparaged my speech, saying he'd talk from the heart and anything written down was rubbish... even if I said I was writing from the heart and didn't want to forget anything or anyone. Well, he got up, took the microphone, and with perfect technique and without rambling, delivered a magnificent speech.
He's a very unique man and we can't all be him!

If you want assistance on a speech, project or something you're working on, I'm here to help. Get in touch for a chat.