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Ideas come from all over the place, and so do opportunities. I have let a few slip - the Needle in the Hay crew put a few books together before I was involved with "Wolves". Tobias went on to edit and release a fantastic anthology called "Underdog" which I didn't feel I had anything to contribute to at the time... and have been kicking myself about ever since.

Likewise, Scribes Divided released a book before this one ("Dread Naught but Time"), called "Writing to Stem Your Existential Dread". When the call went out for stories, I had an idea which I started. I'd been reading a book of short stories by Chuck Palahniuk (author of "Fight Club") and one of the fellow authors suggested my story reminded him of Chuck's writing... which of course, I took as a compliment.

My story in this anthology "What Are Ya, The Morality Police?" involves a bitter man with a terminal cancer diagnosis. Envisioning himself as a kind of "white knight", he finds men who are having affairs. He sees the chairty muggers accosting business-people in the city and adopts a similar approach to confront these men, with better results.

Writings to Stem Your Existential Dread
Dread Naught but Time
Writing Alone (and Other Group Activities)
Scribes Divided / Trer Publishing
Scribes Divided / Trer Publishing
Scribes Divided / Trer Publishing
Existential Dread
What Are Ya, the Morality Police?
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Writing Alone
ASIN : B0795X99QR
ISBN-10 : 0999752634
ISBN-13 : 978-0999752630
ASIN : B07K86X76H
Fifty-three memorable flash fiction stories. Ranging from comedy to horror to romance and from the supernatural to the super-real, these ultra-short tales will stop you in your tracks.
A dying man takes revenge on behalf of wronged wives... and other stories.
A curious collection of fiction and nonfiction, this special volume explores the process of team-written work and its relationship to writing alone.

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