A Change of Heart

- available for purchase in the Wolves anthology.
A young woman recounts her life in a series of diary entries, spanning decades. Born with a congenital heart defect, she must navigate life's challenges until she can qualify for a transplant, which are still experimental in the 1980s.

Noir is the Old Black - Nicky the Needle Gets Pinned

Both "A Change of Heart" and this novella began life as multi-part challenges from the Needle in the Hay website in the early 2010's. I didn't feel the initial section of this story had enough "punch" so I made my detective a hard-boiled character from the 1920's and it fit much better. The tailor for the New York branch of the Mafia has a dud racehorse and a plan to make it a race-winner. When it unexpectedly does win a race, man and horse disappear, along with a large shipment of gold. With plenty of opposition and few leads, Seamus and Jimmy must discover how the race was rigged.

Home Inversion

Police knock on a door they've had reports about. When the owner answers the door, it creates more questions than answers.

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