In the late 90's and early 2000's, I was very involved with RYLA 9680. That's the Rotary Youth Leadership Award, which I was awarded with in 1999, and returned on staff as an Associate Director for the next three years.

One year, I mentored a group charged with producing the daily newspaper and everyone involved created Love Poems, dedicated to other campers or missing loves. Mine, "Conference Confidantes" was dedicated to the lost hours of sleep we all incurred in talking late into the nights.
Since then I have entered multiple iterations of the NYC Midnight Rhyming Challenge, progressing to the second round each time.

I've written a series of ever-more menacing limericks, from a dog-knapper taunting its owner.
A story about a lonely woman offering to switch places with the Styx' ferryman.
A humorous series of poems about an English lager lout with a big heart to match his drinking problem.
Christmas day, trying to kick an old habit... and more.

I've always had song ideas and in 2024 I began collaborating with an Australian musician (a household name here)... watch this space.

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