Best of Times Short Story Competitions

There are a lot of writing competitions on the web; a lot of chances to have your work read and published.

Best of Times Short Story Comp 7
Best of Times Short Story Comp 33
Honorable Mention : I Mention
Honorable Mention : Can I Trouble You for a Light?
When a man gets TOO into his video games...
A hapless group of housemates set out to win a trivia contest, at any cost.
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I found this one in the 2000's and was fortunate enough to have a story "I Mention" listed with a High Commendation in the Autumn competition in 2009. It was the silly story of a man, sucked into a video-game world. (This was before "Wreck-it Ralph".) It was fun to incorporate all of my favourite games from the 80's and 90's and just have fun with language.

In 2022, I had written a story for NYC Midnight; a crime caper, entitled "Can I Trouble You For a Light?". It's about a team of pub trivia contestants, out to win the prize pot to pay their (overdue) rent. I had fun writing it and it seems Chris had fun reading it, too, as she again recognised me with a "Highly Commended" award.