Write Around the Murray

"Big C" was a story I was rather proud of. It was a prize-winner and complete at 900 words but, somehow, it needed more elbow room. It filled out in a way I was very proud of - and if you read the story, that's appropriate too.

One day, out of the blue, I got a phone call, very cryptically asking me if I was coming down to Albury to attend the Write Around the Murray Festival. I live in Sydney and hadn't really considered it. The lady who called seemed like it would be worth my while in going. That piqued my curiosity but I wasn't a "writer". I was an IT guy who scribbles stories.

I didn't go.

To my surprise and delight, my bulked-up story placed third.

Write Around the Murray Short Story Comp, 2016
Third Place : Big C (2500 word version)
Big C
A young man reminisces about his father.
Read it online.

It showed me that my work had promise, or a little talent. It had Merit. The next time I won something, my Mum asked me if it was this story (as she had read it and enjoyed it). She seemed especially proud when I told her it wasn't.