I believe : Life is about finding balance.

People tend to find what they're looking for : optimists seek the best in people and situations, often creating that for themselves, too. Pessimists expect misery and failure, and are seldom surprised when it arrives in spades. Hot-heads, itching for a fight, tend to find themselves embroiled in one.

No-one reaches the pinnacle without the ambition, drive and preparation to get there. And sacrifice, too.

Which brings us to : Spiritualists. Seeking inner peace, they are rewarded when they take time and opportunity to slow down, reflect and contemplate. Atheists see chance and dumb luck as the proof of order iteratively arising from chaos, and though Theists see much the same thing, they cannot put cause down to random chance alone.

Seek, and you shall find… usually in the last place you look.

What are you searching for?
Here's what Ian can offer.

Technology. The business arm of www.ianharrison.id.au. Ian has been in the field of Information Technology for 30-plus years. Computers were meant to make life easier. If your life isn't, yet is full of computers, get in contact for a discussion about automation. Ian's such a nerd that he created an Excel spreadsheet that solves Sudokus.

Technical Reports. Join the customers who have worked with Ian to give their English some Zing.

Job-Hunters. Ian has travelled the world multiple times, often landing in a country with no contacts or references. He's always found a good job in his field, fast. Pick his brain for some secrets or have him overhaul your CV.

Tales. Ian is a writer. His sweet spot is short stories in the 1000 - 1500 word (4 - 6 page) length. It's enough time to introduce a concept and a few characters, and then to flip the expectations of what may happen. That said, he has had success with other story formats and has created a large body of work, including : Novels, Novellas, Screenplays (short and feature-length), Poems, Song Lyrics (including a collaboration with an Australian household name). Ian won some acclaim with one of his novellas for middle-grade readers, and has also written a picture book or two.

The Traditional Pub Take-Away. Ian has had many stories published over the years. Links to the books and story excerpts from some of his award-winning stories.

Ticker-tape. No-one likes talking about themselves, so here are some people talking about me, and the Awards I've won.

To Ian, words are like tools, and must be treated with respect, and used correctly, lest they fail you.

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