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Ian has assisted a number of people who have wanted to change careers. He has built a good network of recruitment consultants (who don't cost an employee a cent) and can give advice or assistance. He is an award-winning writer and has travelled around the world numerous times, each time landing in a different country with no contacts, no job and nowhere to live, only to remedy both situations within weeks. Do you have gaps in your employment history? Disparate careers where you want to focus on something new?

Since a certain event that impacted the workd from early 2020, employees discovered that location does not matter like it used to - and neither do employers. So now, more than ever, candidates must stand out, and your CV is the most vital part of your approach. Many recruiters and employers use an ATS - an Applicant Tracking System, to keep track of the enormous volume of CVs they are expecting to receive. No two ATS's are configured the same, but your CV will be read by a machine before another human lays eyes on it. Ian has a number of packages available to assist in giving you an entirely fair edge.

Digression - this does mean that jobs are easier outsourced but you still want to have everyone around for a meeting. Business will have reasons to employ local staff with "office" days still being vitally important.

Did you know that your skills and experience may give you a shortcut into a different career? If you're on this page, there's a chance you are a writer, in the Information Technology Sector or wish to get a higher-paying job in it. Your investment in yourself will return dividends, over and above your initial outlay. Perhaps even within that first week. More than likely within a month.

That's right - within one month of entering the IT sector, you could find yourself out-earning what you have made elsewhere. At the very least, you owe it to yourself to try. We're here to help. Do not underestimate the healing power of working on something fulfilling that pays you properly. Get in touch. Ian offers the following (with discounts for two or more)...

1. A Bit of Fizz You already have a good CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. You're visible on Seek but you're just not getting called. Ian will go through all of these to make sure everything complements everything else.

2. A Quick Squiz Ian will give your CV a basic once-over and send you some feedback about the flow, the length, and the language, with some suggestions on what areas need improvement. --> For a small additional fee, he will also go through your cover letter.

3. Show Biz Ian will go through your LinkedIn profile.

4. Pop Quiz If your CV and applications are getting you to the final stage but you keep missing out on jobs, Ian offers some interview coaching, to help land that role.

5. Ask the Wiz! A phone or online video conference to get the ball rolling and get all of the above in a line.

6. In a Tizz Don't know where to start? No problem. Send a message explaining what you do now and what you might want to do as a career, and Ian will send you some suggestions.

Remember, your Curriculum Vitae is your introduction to your future employer. You want to create a good impression that honestly represents your skills and achievements. If you would like a quote for a CV Spruce-up or another one of Ian's packages, fill in the form. Discounts apply when booking more than one service, and for returning clients.

Invest in yourself - you will likely come out in front by the end of the first month in a new, more fulfilling role.

Note that Ian will not require your user credentials to Seek, LinkedIn or other platforms. He will make suggestions and it will be up to you to put them in place. Likewise when you get interviews for new roles (and you WILL get interviews), anything you have on your CV will be fair game for questions. You are the one representing for that role and so you need to be honest about what your skills and knowledge cover.

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