Stories of Hope

Bushfires ravaged Australia's East Coast in the Summer of 2020. People scrambled to assist. Celeste Barber organised a Bushfire relief fund-raising concert and my favourite band, Queen, offered their stage setup for Olympic Park in Sydney, having played there the previous evening. They blew the audience away with a repeat of their famous "Live Aid" set, with Adam Lambert showing why he's worthy to share the stage with Brian May and Roger Taylor.

I digress.

This was my little contribution to the relief efforts - I donated a story called "Time and Again".

Time and Again
Stories of Hope: Bushfire Relief Anthology, 2020
Aussie Speculative Fiction / Deadset Press
Time And Again
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ISBN : 9781393584056
ASIN : B084L76JH5
A neglectful husband finds a way to travel through time, using the knowledge to build a fortune and discover the source of his wife's dissatisfaction.

A man discovers he can set his clock-radio to any time and he will be transported to that time in that day, either forwards or back. His secretive behaviour and unexplained sudden wealth only serve to further alienate his wife, and he realises he has less than 24 hours or he'll lose her forever. Can he make time for her?