Covid hit the globe in 2019. In early 2020, I was retrenched and looking for work. That's a soul-crushing way to spend a day, especially when everyone you talk to is working from home for the first time ever and aren't used to networking without being in the same room as colleagues.

I divided my time between writing a Feature Screenplay I'd wanted to write for a while. "Left for Dust" chronicles the adventures of a veterinarian, Tracey Archer. Having been cheated on, she leaves Melbourne for Darwin to reset. She finds a new job, home, pet and boyfriend, all of which bring their own issues. When her ex-boyfriend arrives in Darwin with new arm-candy in tow, Tracey proves she's well and truly moved on.
This script is currently available to option.

At the end of 2016, I worked with a very talented crew to film one of my Screenplays, "Fail". The experience and certainly the results were better than I could've expected, and this was at a difficult point in my life. "Fail" seemed to encompass everything I did.

Still we move forward. Following that experience, I had a new idea, which became "It Goes Without Saying". This is not a silent film, per se, though it contains no dialogue. As I wrote it, I remember watching the ABC adaptation of Christos Tsiolkas' excellent novel, "The Slap".

Lex Marinos played the grandfather in one family, and he played an unlikeable character well. Lex is an Australian icon, familiar to Australian audiences back to the 1970's with his starring role in "Kingswood Country" as sadly an object of racism. Albeit, one who gave as good as he got.
In more recent times, Lex has been playing these character parts and that is why I thought of him more and more for the protagonist of "It Goes Without Saying" - he's been playing some unlikeable characters, allowing me to "sell" a particular scene in this story - remember, it has no dialogue so it needs a good actor to drive the scene.

In a former role as part of my day job, I had the amazing good fortune to see Lex getting onto the train carriage I was already on. Within 5 minutes, I had introduced myself and pitched the idea to him. He seemed receptive to the concept; I'm not sure what he would've said to his agent / manager when the script hit her inbox within the hour!
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