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I have entered the Nine Dots Prize twice in the last few years though. It calls on essays and considered argument, and awards book deals to the winners. Having a policy of never revealing a shortlist; it's uncertain where my works placed or resonated with the judges.

Ex(Patriate) Marks the Spot

Is the story of an Pakistani man, disfigured after his village was bombed, who escapes the country, trying to find work in order to reunite his family. He's a musician, who sees the influence of people like Bono and in his naivety thinks he can achieve similar stature. In reality, driving a Black Cab in London the day of the tube bombings sees him further derided due to his attire.
The prize for the Nine Dots Prize is publication of a novel. My outline for this one incorporated the protagonist knowingly practising bigamy as part of his "return" to family, so it was going to be controversial though consistene with his beliefs.

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